Venti Air Products

Venti Air Products Venti Air Products was started in July 2010 to focus on building the distribution business catering to the HVAC industry. Since inception, Venti has focused on the parts and materials for the new construction and replacement markets. Venti management has multi decades experience in the sourcing and distribution of industrial products in many different industries – Waterworks, Fire Protection, Oil Field Supplies, Plumbing & Drainage, Electrical, HVAC etc.

Venti has the engineering, production and quality control ability to provide you with the top quality products from global sources including the US. Venti currently operates out of 275,000 square feet warehouse facility staffed by people who have experience in complex logistics. The facility is shared by other companies within the Unique group. With its vast product range and continual addition of new products Venti can offer your business significant savings in inventory and purchasing costs and logistics.

Products include:
Residential GRD, Commercial GRD, Electricals, Heatings & Coolings, Fittings, Construction Accessories, Refrigeration Accessories & more..

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